Welcome to the Cafe. We would like to invite our users (especially music teachers) to tell us how we can improve MyNoteGames. Appatta is committed to making music fun for as many kids as possible and we need your help.

Fill in the form below, let us know if you would like to Beta test our next release and, most of all, tell us what you wold like to see in it!

25 thoughts on “Cafe

  1. Nicholas Jankovic

    Hello there, I would love the opportunity to try out any beta releases in my lessons, who knows maybe even they will request some features.

  2. Deborah Katz

    I would be happy to beta test. I teach instrumental music to a lot of 5th graders. By the way… Is it possible to make the profiles reset so I can use them flexibly and with more students? It would also be wonderful to have more profiles. And if I can dream big, could the profiles live in the cloud rather than on the individual iPad so I don’t have to worry about which students gets which tablet on any given day?

  3. Mah

    When using the Viola instrument, the app changes back to treble clef when selecting the “tap the note” option. Can you fix?

  4. Samantha

    Cello pupils start with the open strings first without playing any fingers. So top line A, middle line D bottom line G and C. It would be good if it started with these and then add 1st finger notes, not go on to adding all fingers on one string.

  5. Simon Parkins

    Can you please update the app to enable the user to choose note ranges or starting points for play that note? Perhaps divide the levels into ranges?

  6. Bruce Rockwell

    I think your voice betas have a lot of potential. But I think it needs to have a click track so that we can know when to sing the notes.

  7. Joe

    Hi, I would like to just thank you guys! I teach piano, guitar and music theory to young children and your app has saved me from dragging disinterested or tired children through half hour lessons! Just wanted to thank you and if there are any betas coming out, I’d be pleased to test them!

  8. Nuno Silva

    I’ve just buy a iPhone 6 Plus. I noticed that Play that note, Play-a-day, Toonr the tuner and Play-a-carol just don’t work. They do a lot of noise when we enter these games. Can you fix it?
    Best regards,

    Nuno Silva

    1. james0everard Post author

      I have to ask, has anyone else had problems on an iPhone6+. I have never tested MNG on one, before. I have no idea what could be causing this problem. Have you ever had it working on a different device?

      1. Lidwien

        A lot of students of mine have the same problem with weid noises on the iPhone, it works flawlessly on my iPad though. I agree with Joe, your app has made my lessons so much more fun, students even beg me to play the game. Thank you so much!

  9. Heather Crawford

    This looks like a great app and will be testing it out with my junior classes. I am really interested in the ear training aspect of the app and would love to be included as a beta tester. I will give you feedback from my students also. I am a high school classroom music teacher.


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