Listen to the music.
Write what you hear using our simple drag-and-drop interface.

We would love to know if you can think of any games we could add to Hear-It-Note-It. Fill in the for below and tell us what you like.

5 thoughts on “HearItNoteIt

  1. David Veale

    I suggest using the microphone input to generate the note and rthymn in the game rather than placing the note with one’s hands
    This would be particularly helpful for wind and brass instruments which produce a single note.

  2. Gwen

    I love these apps with the hear it note exercises , is there any way that indicates the degree of difficulty so I can start my students at the level that suits them

    1. james0everard Post author

      Select the red exercises – they get harder very quickly
      Or the Green exercises – they get harder more slowly
      They will soon find the right level.


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