See the note you are playing displayed on the screen.

Watch what happens to Toonr as you play higher and lower notes.

Use Toonr to tune your Guitar

If you can’t tune your instrument, you can even tune MyNoteGames to your instrument.

We are proud that Toonr will tune notes as low as A0 on the piano and as high as C8. If you test Toonr out on a properly tuned piano, you should find that low notes, like A0, are tuned slightly flat and high notes, like C8, are tuned slightly sharp. That’s done on purpose, do you know why?

Known Issues
Toonr is a bit shaky at the moment, we’ll fix that in a later version

Toonr would love to hear from you. Tell us what you like about Toonr, by filling in the form below!

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